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Our roots are in Richmond, Virginia. We are the city and region, and we intend to continue providing trust worthy advice, premium service, and support to our clients and neighbors in any way that we can. We appreciate you considering our practice and taking the time to visit our webpage.

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We tout clear and concise communication with our clients as one of the keys to our success. chief among our aims are ensuring that the client and attorney share clear understandings on the nature of the matter, the plan for resolution and the costs involved. Lastly, we aim to educate our clients to the best of our ability on the law as it pertains to their particular situation.


aOnce the objectives are clear between each client and our attorneys, our firm devotes its unique experience and knowledge base to master every detail of the matter, case or transaction. Next, a detailed plan of action is created that addresses each matter at hand. In short, the client’s issue, case or transaction does not leave an Attorney’s desk until every note and objective has been attended to.


Truth and Fairness:

The most basic component of our practice is our devotion to truth and fairness in every situation. In every matter, we seek to first identify what is truthful, and ultimately, what will be fair to all parties involved in any given situation. As such, our practice has developed a reputation for honesty and fairness which our clients directly benefit from.

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High Rollers

High Rollers

A gusher of tax revenue for Richmond and potentially 1,400 or more new jobs for city residents. That’s the story that up to six groups are pitching as they seek the single license to build a casino and resort hotel in Richmond. For the first time with a huge deal...