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Real Estate (Buyer or Seller side)

We thoroughly understand the permanence of real estate transactions and devote ourselves to thoroughly and extensively reviewing acquisitions, development deals, financing and dispositions for our clients. Our practice in this area was established in 2019, and since then we have represented both private buyers and sellers, private refinancers, and commercial developers.


Entity Formation and Representation

It is a pleasure to help our Clients envision and manifest their business and entrepreneurial goals from the inception of the idea all the way to profitability. To this end, the firm helps out clients register their business interests with the appropriate governmental agencies, create governance documents, and set up policies, checks and balances which help to guide and protect the businesses of our clients. Additionally, our firm is here to help monitor the growth and development of the new business, so as to establish long term, positive, and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and their businesses.Entity Formation and Representation

Wills & Estates

Our firm realizes that one of the most intimate, and sensitive areas of law is dealing with what will happen to our clients’ assets when they leave us. We ensure that the wishes of our clients are carried out, and that the loved ones of our clients are provided for appropriately when the time comes. This is why we spend the necessary time to learn the desires and interests of our clients with the goal of providing for the long-term security of our clients and their families. We look forward to helping you lay out your plans and bringing them to life in this regard.


In / House Representation & Compliance

We understand that maintaining a business is a constant endeavor. As such, we offer our services on a continuing basis to clients that request this relationship; offering regular guidance and advice on new and changing laws and how their interests may be affected by such. In short, this package provides a consummate resource to those in need of regular counsel.

The Vision

Our vision is to be a voice of equity and fairness in the city, offering clear, thoughtful, and beneficial advice to our private and commercial clients. The Barber Law Firm aims to continue its legacy of doing the right thing for the people & businesses in the city of Richmond and beyond.

Our clients and colleagues know that when the Barber Law Firm gets involved, things are likely to go the “RIGHT” way through reason, conscientiousness, diligence and old fashioned hard work.